24TH JUNE 2020 MEMORIAL CUP Sponsored by The Ward Family

Winner Tina Bunting

Gnome Kevin Nicholson

Pools Ray Stoner

10TH JUNE 2020 EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP Sponsored by Maurice Barber

Winner Rick Pearman

Gnome Rob Bunting

Pools Norman Gilbert

27TH MAY 2020 MAY MATCH Sponsored by Ken and Brian

Winner Rod Crossley

Gnome Maurice Barber

Pools Norman Gilbert

13TH MAY 2020 MAY MATCH Sponsored by Tom Mitchell

Winner John Green

Gnome Mick Booth

Pools Dave Crowson

29TH APRIL 2020 FOUNDERS CUP BLISSFUL FISHERY Sponsored by Dick Cocksedge

Winner Norman Reeve

Gnome Dick Cocksedge

Pools Kevin Nicholson

15TH APRIL 2020     SPRING MATCH     PHOENIX LAKE, FLOAT FISH FARM     Sponsored by Norman and Tony

Winners Kevin Nicholson and Ray Stoner

Third Tony Brown

Gnome Dennis Sambridge