Spring League 2018 Match Results

2018 Spring League Results

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Contact for Spring League matches is: - Vic George 07770 663406 or 01553 671610

Wed 7th March

Match cancelled due to weather conditions

Wed 14th March

Woodpecker Pool, Townsends Lakes Upwell PE14 9HJ

A delayed start to the 2018 season at Townsends on a dry if a bit breezy day. 7 people fished and remarkably we had a three way tie for second place

1st Rod Crossley 9lb 2oz

2nd= Ken Gipp 8lb 0oz

2nd= Vic George 8lb 0oz

2nd= Mario Burlace 8lb 0oz

5th Maurice Barber 5lb 2oz

March 21st

Horseshoe Lake, Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey

Cancelled due to lack of anglers

March 28th

Frasers Fishery, Cannon Street, Little Downham

Only three anglers were able to attend and one (Vic) had to leave early, the weather was awful, persistent rain and very cold so many congratulations to Tim for finding a few fish, also many thanks to Fraser for allowing us to have a match with just the three participants.

1st Tim Rogers 7lb 12oz

2nd Tom Mitchell 3lb 6oz

3rd Vic George 12oz

April 4th

Raven Lake, Pidley

1st Tim Rogers 24lb 12oz

2nd Vic George 18lb 12oz

3rd Rod Crossley 9lb 8oz

Overall points for the Spring League Trophy 2018. 

A very brief league this year consisting of only three matches due to weather and lack of anglers.

1st Vic George 22 pts

2nd Tim Rogers 20 pts

3rd Rod Crossley 16 pts