Sea Fishing Trip

We have been offered the possibility of a Sea Fishing day trip on a wheelchair accessible boat, so unlike our last sea fishing trip which was for ambulant anglers only, this time everyone could be accommodated.

The boat is based in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Obviously this is quite a distance but I'm sure you will agree it would make a nice short break.

The boat is owned by wet wheels Yorkshire and by clicking on this link you can see their website and the great work they do.

The BDAA works closely with them and have funded some specialist electric reels onboard the boat. 

The BDAA will potentially fund the Sea Fishing trip, Reel People members would be responsible for their own accommodation, food, fuel etc.

At the moment we do not have any firm dates etc I am just putting the idea out there for members.

If you are potentially interested please let me know ASAP