Six members enjoyed a days sea fishing off Wells-next-the-Sea, plenty of Mackerel were caught for the table and for bait and 3 Tope, the heaviest being Mick Booth's at just over 34lbs,next best was Gerry Moore at just under 34lbs,hard luck Gerry, couldn't have happened to a nicer fella, I didn't manage to get a photo of Gerry's fish but Mark did on his mobile phone, it's not all that clear but at least it won't frighten anyone of a nervous disposition ! and the third fish was caught by junior member Aaron Howard at an estimated (by the skipper) 20lbs,I had a screaming run, the boat skipper struck it and passed the rod to me only to find that the fish had snapped the line, it was probably twice as big as Mick's but never mind. (Tom's account of things).