Match Draw

The Match Draw

I would like to take this opportunity to update all members with the draw procedure at all Reel People matches. This is in response to the increased number of new members who may not be familiar with the draw procedure and also in response to numerous recent requests from present members to clarify this matter.

Firstly all venues are risk assessed both prior to booking and on the day of a match. At this point peg numbers are noted for their suitability and safety. (Dangerous pegs are left out). Short walk and wheelchair accessible pegs are also noted. The draw numbers are then worked out on the following three categories: Short walk draw, Wheelchair draw and Open draw. The draw then takes place with the wheelchair or short walkers drawing first or second depending upon the suitable pegs and the open draw takes place last.

At a venue where cars can be taken around the venue, there is no short walk draw.

Short walk draw.

As it implies this draw is for members who cannot walk far to their peg.

At each venue the required amount of pegs closest to the car park are allocated for the short walk draw.

This number changes at each match depending how many anglers require short walks. These pegs will always be the shortest walk possible.

Only pegs deemed unsafe to fish will be left vacant.

Wheelchair draw competitors may be drawn in this area if no other pegs are deemed suitable.

Open draw competitors will not be drawn in the short walk area.

Wheelchair draw.

As it implies is for members who use a wheelchair.

Pegs deemed as suitable for wheelchair access will be included in the wheelchair draw.

Where possible these will be situated beyond the short walk draw area. If this is not possible they will be drawn within the short walk area. 

Open draw.

As this implies this draw is for members who are ambulant enough to not need a short walk or wheelchair draw.

Open draw competitors will be drawn on the remaining pegs deemed safe or suitable to fish.

Criteria for the short walk draw.

Anglers wishing to be included in the short walk draw, are those people who for whatever reason cannot walk far without causing themselves undue discomfort or stress . Please discuss your requirements in total confidentiality with Rob.

Please note that if you request a short walk draw this remains for the season unless a marked increase in ability to walk takes place and cannot change depending on what venue we fish.

Due to the high demand of anglers wishing to be included in the short walk draw please only request this if you are medically advised to or if you really need it or you are asked to do so by Reel People.

Anglers in the open draw can change to the short walk draw should their medical needs change during the season.