Match Dates 2019



Spring Challenge Match

3rd April 2019

Oak/Yew, Decoy Lakes

Trophies Sponsored by Terry and Mark Jefferies

Gnome Sponsored by Ian Donald

Includes a breakfast beforehand at the venue

(Please note to get a FREE breakfast the match has to be paid for in advance)

Keepnets and landing net provided

Birthday Bash

17th April 2019

Wagtail Lake, Float Fish

Trophies Sponsored by Mr Chip's

Gnome Sponsored by Tommy Driscoll

Own nets required

May Day Match

1st May 2019

Kingfisher Lake, Lords Lane

Trophies Sponsored by Wise Buy's

Gnome Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

Own nets required

Founders Cup

15th May 2019

Wagtail, Float Fish

Trophies Sponsored by Mr Parker, Jeweller of Swaffham

Gnome Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

Own nets required

Pairs Match

29th May 2019

Railway Lake, Barford

Trophies Sponsored by Ted and Gerry

Gnome Sponsored by Ted and Gerry

Own nets required

Fishery feed pellets only

Eastern Championship

12th June 2019

Ashford Lake, Narborough

Trophies Sponsored by John Green

Gnome Sponsored by John Green

Keepnets and landing net provided

Reel People v N.B.S.O.D.A

26th June 2019

Honeysuckle, Lawn Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Norman and Tony

Gnome Sponsored by Anonymous

Refreshments afterwards at the venue

Keepnet provided,own landing net needed

Summer Cup

10th July 2019

The Manderson Trust, Over, Near Cambridge

Trophies Sponsored by Roy's Boy's

Gnome Sponsored by Rick Pearman

Own nets needed

There is a BBQ FREE of Charge afterwards kindly provided by The Manderson Trust

24th July 2019

Celebration of Angling

Jay Lake, Pidley

Own nets needed

Trophies Sponsored by Lynn Shellfish

Gnome Sponsored by Lynn Shellfish

Salvers, Pegs and Meal  sponsored by the BDAA


Celebration of Angling

Champion of Champion's Match

Trophy and framed certificates Sponsored by John Green

Meal and presentation afterwards in the on-site café

Camb's Match

7th August 2019

Honeysuckle, Lawn Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Vic George

Gnome Sponsored by Maurice Barber

Keepnet provided, own landing net needed

By Popular Demand "Extra Fishing Match"

14th August 2019

Ashford Lake, Narborough

Keepnets and Landing Net Provided

Please book your place as pegs are limited

Breckland Match

21st August 2019

William, Hinderclay

Trophies Sponsored by Gerry Moore

Gnome Sponsored by Gerry Moore

Own nets needed

Fishery feed pellets only

Memorial Cup

4th September 2019

Raven, Pidley

Own nets needed

Gnome Sponsored by Liz Bartlett

The Ashes Match

18th September 2019

Phoenix, Float Fish (New Lake) 

Own nets needed

Trophies Sponsored by Tim and Petrine Rogers

Gnome Sponsored by Mark Howard

Autumn Challenge Match

2nd October 2019

Change of Venue

Now at Kingfisher Lake, Lord's Lane, Wisbech St. Mary

Not Six Island Lake, Decoy Lakes

Trophies sponsored by Ken Bartlett

Gnome Sponsored by The Appleby's

Includes sausage rolls and mince pies afterwards