Special hand-made and painted gnomes will be awarded to the angler finishing in 13th place at 2019 season's matches

The gnomes have kindly been sponsored and below are details of each one.

The Gnomes have arrived

Hand-made and painted by Rob and Tina with wooden plinths made by club member Ricky Bramham.

The gnomes all have different colour schemes and personalities. Jewellery, watches, tattoos, facial hair etc.

Right to Left

Spring Challenge Match Sponsored by Ian Donald for "Molly"

Won by Tony Brown 11lb 1oz

Birthday Bash Sponsored by Tommy driscoll 

Won by Mark Howard 5lb 8oz

May Day Match Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

Won by Mark Howard 4lb 8oz

Founders Cup Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

Won by Dave Crowson 8lb

Pairs Match Sponsored by Ted Ward and Gerry Moore

Won by Rick Pearman 1lb 13oz

Eastern Championship Sponsored by John Green

Won by Ricky Bramham 14lb 9oz 

Team Match Sponsored by Anonymous

Won by Rick Pearman 8lb 13oz

Summer Cup sponsored by Rick Pearman

Won by Ricky Bramham 3oz

Celebration of Angling Sponsored by Lynn Shell Fish

Won by Roger Baines 11lb 0ozs

Camb's Match Sponsored by Maurice Barber 

Won by Gerry Moore 8lb 8ozs

Breckland Match Sponsored by Gerry Moore

Won by Mick Booth 14oz's

Memorial Cup Sponsored by Liz Bartlett

Won by Rick Pearman 10lb 3ozs

 Ashes Match Sponsored by Mark Howard                        Won by Terry Jefferies 31lb 2oz's

Autumn Challenge Sponsored by The Appleby's

Won by Tony Brown 13lb 6oz's