The Reel People Team (Rob, Tom, Rick, Mark and Brian) appeared on the show broadcast on Monday 27th September on BBC2 at 6pm

Having travelled down to London for an interview to see if we would be invited to take part in the program for real. We were amazed to receive a call saying we were in and would be notified of a filming date in the near future.

The great day arrived and Rob, Tina (reserve), Mark and Rick travelled to London on the train. We met up with Brian at Kings Cross and then travelled on to our hotel. We met Tom, freshened up and then went to BBC TV Centre. We were met by Lauren and shown to the Green room, a bite to eat and make up and a run through of how things would work.

We entered the studio and met the film crew, were miked up and the Eggheads entered. Kevin, Judith, Pat the new boy, Barry and CJ and quiz master Dermott. What a fantastically nice bunch of people. There greeting was so warm and welcoming.

The nerves kicked in and we were off. A conversation with Dermott about the club and then Tom was whisked off to play Judith. Tom played a blinder (according to him, we say luck) winning his game. Rob next, Sport against CJ (easy Huh!!!!!!!!) the moral being don't change your mind on an answer, then Rick on Music versus Barry, a great performance but undone by being ancient with no knowledge of pop music. Then Mark versus Pat on geography, Our Ireland trip co-ordinator fell at the Welsh Mountains of Mourn lol. In no time at all it was Brian and Tom against the might of the egg heads. A Stirling performance but a 3-2 loss and the money was gone. Time for a group photo and back to the green room, at this point you find out who your friends are as they didn't tell me about having make up removed, allowing me to go out for a meal in the evening looking like I had been Tango'd bright orange. A taxi back to the hotel and a great evening.

A big thank you to all who gave us such a wonderful time (all expenses paid) and a wealth of memories of a great day.

Almost a year later and the program was broadcast. okay we lost but what fun we had and the memories rekindled seeing it all again. Mark and I still get ribbed on a regular basis. Tom and I also suffered at the hands of Johny Dee a cabaret comic who took the P*** at a recent social event.