Committee Members 2021

Rob Bunting

Chairman and Founder

Rob Bunting has been a keen angler since childhood days.

He set up the disabled fishing lake at Lynnsport, Kings Lynn in 1995. 

He won a silver medal at the NFA disabled angling championship in 1996 and shortly after became NFA Regional Officer for the disabled-Eastern Region. In 1999 Rob, Keith and Tina formed Reel People.

Tina Bunting

Secretary/Treasurer and Founder

Tina. A founder member of Reel People, she has enjoyed fishing for pleasure for a number of years.  She does not enjoy match fishing so much.

Ricky Bramham 


Ricky is an original member of Reel People.

He has been a keen angler since childhood, both Course and Sea fishing.

Rick Pearman


Fished as a child and then more regularly since retiring from work. Claim to fame is catching 2 pike on 1 hook.

Fund raised since joining Reel People n 2000, proceeds have helped to pay for the Celebration of Angling meal each year.

Dave Crowson


Dave Crowson has been hooked on fishing ever since the first time he went with his Dad age around 6 & caught his first ever fish a perch, he spent many days fishing when he should have been at school lol.

He joined the Army age 16 & had a Landrover accident age 18 breaking his back & was paralysed from the chest down, he gave up fishing for a couple of year fearing that he would not be able to do it, until he saw a young lad using his mouth to fish as he was paralysed from the neck, so the fishing bug hit again, He started fishing with Rob & the others at Lynn Sports, & then Reel People was formed & has been fishing with then ever since then.

Tom Mitchell

Publicity Officer

Tom Mitchell has fished ever since he was a lad.

Tom loves fishing the rivers and fondly remembers coming down from Yorkshire by coach with his mates to fish the Middle Level.

Tom has been a stalwart of the Reel People committee for a number of years.