Reel People Biggest Fish

Nigel Yates

Mirror Carp 19lb 6oz

Two Island, Hilgay

Reel People Largest Match Weight

Dave Edgoose

Mixed Bag 124lb 8oz

Two Island, Hilgay

Club Records

100lb+ Match Weights

2006 Dave Edgoose 124lb 8oz 2 Island, Hilgay

2019 Norman Gilbert 119lb 15oz Wagtail, Float Fish

2015 Dennis Sambridge 119lb 8oz

2018 Mick Booth 119lb Frazer’s, Little Downham

2014 Pete Huddlestone 113lb 4oz Elm, Decoy

2006 Dave Edgoose 109lb Yew, Decoy

2019 Colin Marsh 108lb 8oz Wagtail, Float Fish

2008 Vic Jackson 106lb 8oz Colman’s, Essex

2008 Dennis Sambridge 105lb 12oz Colman’s, Essex

2018 Colin Marsh 103lb 15oz Raven, Pidley

2018 Norman Gilbert 101lb 4oz Frazer’s, Little Downham

2015 Tom Mitchell 100lb 12oz

2006 Dave Crowson 100lb 8oz Colman’s, Essex

2017 Tim Rogers 100lb Lawn Farm

Fish Species Club Records (not all largest species are nominated by members)

Mirror Carp 19lb 6oz Nigel Yates

Common Carp 18lb 4oz Mick Booth

Crucian Carp 1lb 9.5oz Ken Carpenter

Bream 6lb 4oz Tony Brown

Tench  5lb 9oz Phil Jackson

Barbel 6lb 10oz Rick Pearman

Roach 1lb 10oz Dennis Sambridge

Perch 4lb Vic George

Chubb 2lb 14oz Matt Skelhon

Zander 5lb 8oz Dennis Sambridge

Rudd 13oz Ken Carpenter

Pike 16lb Paul Appleby

Celebration of Angling Facts


2000 Stuart "Little Sam" Hall

2001 Terry Jefferies

2002 Terry Jefferies

2003 Dave Edgoose

2004 Phil Jackson

2005 Phil Jackson

2006 Jon Thomson

2007 Phil Jackson

2008 Dennis Sambridge

2009 Ted Ward

2010 John Fordham

2011 Ray Stoner

2012 Kevin Nicholson

2013 Terry Jefferies

2014 Dennis Sambridge

2015 Brian Ogden

2016 Mick Booth

2017 Vic George

2018 Tim Rogers

Highest Gnome Weight for 13th Place

Paul Appleby 50lb

Most Appearances at the Celebration of Angling

19 Rick Pearman

17 Terry Jefferies

16 Phil Jackson

Stan Bartlett Trophy Winners

2013 Phil Jackson, Bream, 4lb 4oz

2014. Tony Brown, Tench, 3lb 14oz

2015. Rick Pearman, Barbel, 3lb 13oz

2016. Mick Booth, Common Carp, 18lb 4oz

2017. Tony Brown, Mirror Carp, 12lb 2oz

2018. Vic George, Bream, 4lb 0oz

Past members have also been credited with the following British Records

Three Times British Record Holder

Geoffrey Green

Eastern Region Venues

Ralph Younge

Former British Record Holder

Zander 15lb 8oz

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