3rd April

Spring Challenge Match

Decoy Lakes

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1st May

May Day Match

Lord's Lane

10th July 2019 

Summer Cup The Manderson Trust

left, Group photo.

right, setting up before the match.

left, Reel People winner Vic George with his bag of carp.

right, Guest winner Tim Grove with his mixed bag of carp and silvers.

21st August 2019

Hinderclay, Reed Lake

Colin Marsh with his 14lb 11oz's Common Carp

4th September 2019

Memorial cup

Raven Lake, Rookery Waters, Pidley

left, Norman Gilbert 92lb 11oz

right, Isabelle Sinclair 21lb 2oz

18th September 2019

Ashes Match

Phoenix Lake, Float Fish

Right to Left

Terry Jefferies Gnome Winner

Rob Bunting chairman

Vic George 3rd Place

Dave "Belly Flop" Crowson Best Diving

2019 Most Points Winner

Mick Booth

85 Points

Celebration of Angling Champion of Champions

Back Row Right to left

Mick Booth, Terry Jefferies, Vic George, Norman Gilbert, Dennis Sambridge

Front Rob Bunting, Chairman

Stan Bartlett Shield

Ken Bartlett presenting 2019 winners Vic George, Barbel 4lb 2oz's and Rob Bunting, Bream 4lb 2oz's with their awards.