2019 Match Results

3rd April     Spring Challenge Match     

Yew Lake, Decoy Lakes

Trophies Sponsored by Terry & Mark Jefferies

Gnome Sponsored by Ian Donald

1st Tom Mitchell 70 lbs 12ozs

2nd Ray Stoner  59lbs 1 oz

3rd  Dennis Sambridge  44lbs 15 ozs

Gnome winner for 13th place was Tony Brown with 11lbs 1oz

20 members fished

The season got of to a fine start, for those who had it the breakfast was excellent, the weather forecasters got it wrong as the expected rain didn't turn up which is a bit of a change for a Reel People match, and to put the icing on the cake I won the match, which is a bit of a novelty these day's

Special thanks to Shane and Craig for doing the weigh in.

17th April Birthday Bash 

Wagtail Lake, Float Fish Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Mr Chip's

Gnome Sponsored by Tommy Driscoll

1st Ray Stoner 57lbs 2ozs

2nd Mick Booth 55lbs 12ozs

3rd Colin Marsh 52lbs 14ozs

Gnome Winner with 5lbs 8ozs was Mark Howard

19 members fished

Yet another fine day weather wise and a very close fought match between the first three, Dave Crowson obviously got fed up with looking at his watch so he dropped it in the lake, along came his knight in shining armour (me) who rolled up his sleeve and got the watch first dip, pity the bloody carp weren't as responsive for me, onwards and upwards to the May Day match at Lords Lane in a fortnight.

Special thanks to the Float Fish Farm owners and staff for doing the weighing in

1st May   May Day Match

Kingfisher Lake, Lords Lane‚Äč

Trophies Sponsored by Wise Buy's

Gnome Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

1st Mick Booth 90lbs 11ozs

2nd Vic George 44lbs 6ozs

3rd Tim Rogers 33lbs 4ozs

Gnome winner, for the second successive time was Mark Howard with 4lbs 8ozs

17 Fished

Once again we enjoyed an un Reel People weather day, a slight breeze and warm with it, mind you we had the inevitable whirlwind which apparently took Robs top kit for a swim, thanks to Andy Raspberry for rescuing it. Thanks to Dena, Florence and all the helpers for the warm reception, free tea and coffee and for weighing in.

15th May 2019   Founders Cup

Wagtail Lake, Float Fish Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Mr Parker, Jeweller of Swaffham

Gnome Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

1st Norman Gilbert 119lbs 15ozs

2nd Colin Marsh 108lbs 8ozs

3rd Mick Booth 73lbs 0ozs

Gnome winner with exactly 8lbs was Dave Crowson

17 fished

Well I can only put it down to climate change,four matches fished and no rain,all day sunshine and a gentle breeze,which for Float Fish Farm is a miracle in itself and with two weights over one hundred pounds what more could one want,thanks are due to the Float Fish staff for weighing us in as usual and looking forward to fishing the new lake there in September.Brian Ogden came to have a look at us on his way back from Duxford,but as he was flying at 4,000 feet we must have looked pretty small !.