2019 Match Results

3rd April     Spring Challenge Match     

Yew Lake, Decoy Lakes

Trophies Sponsored by Terry & Mark Jefferies

Gnome Sponsored by Ian Donald

1st Tom Mitchell 70 lbs 12ozs

2nd Ray Stoner  59lbs 1 oz

3rd  Dennis Sambridge  44lbs 15 ozs

Gnome winner for 13th place was Tony Brown with 11lbs 1oz

20 members fished

The season got of to a fine start, for those who had it the breakfast was excellent, the weather forecasters got it wrong as the expected rain didn't turn up which is a bit of a change for a Reel People match, and to put the icing on the cake I won the match, which is a bit of a novelty these day's

Special thanks to Shane and Craig for doing the weigh in.

17th April Birthday Bash 

Wagtail Lake, Float Fish Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Mr Chip's

Gnome Sponsored by Tommy Driscoll

1st Ray Stoner 57lbs 2ozs

2nd Mick Booth 55lbs 12ozs

3rd Colin Marsh 52lbs 14ozs

Gnome Winner with 5lbs 8ozs was Mark Howard

19 members fished

Yet another fine day weather wise and a very close fought match between the first three, Dave Crowson obviously got fed up with looking at his watch so he dropped it in the lake, along came his knight in shining armour (me) who rolled up his sleeve and got the watch first dip, pity the bloody carp weren't as responsive for me, onwards and upwards to the May Day match at Lords Lane in a fortnight.

Special thanks to the Float Fish Farm owners and staff for doing the weighing in

1st May   May Day Match

Kingfisher Lake, Lords Lane‚Äč

Trophies Sponsored by Wise Buy's

Gnome Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

1st Mick Booth 90lbs 11ozs

2nd Vic George 44lbs 6ozs

3rd Tim Rogers 33lbs 4ozs

Gnome winner, for the second successive time was Mark Howard with 4lbs 8ozs

17 Fished

Once again we enjoyed an un Reel People weather day, a slight breeze and warm with it, mind you we had the inevitable whirlwind which apparently took Robs top kit for a swim, thanks to Andy Raspberry for rescuing it. Thanks to Dena, Florence and all the helpers for the warm reception, free tea and coffee and for weighing in.

15th May 2019   Founders Cup

Wagtail Lake, Float Fish Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Mr Parker, Jeweller of Swaffham

Gnome Sponsored by Matt Skelhon

1st Norman Gilbert 119lbs 15ozs

2nd Colin Marsh 108lbs 8ozs

3rd Mick Booth 73lbs 0ozs

Gnome winner with exactly 8lbs was Dave Crowson

17 fished

Well I can only put it down to climate change,four matches fished and no rain,all day sunshine and a gentle breeze,which for Float Fish Farm is a miracle in itself and with two weights over one hundred pounds what more could one want,thanks are due to the Float Fish staff for weighing us in as usual and looking forward to fishing the new lake there in September.Brian Ogden came to have a look at us on his way back from Duxford,but as he was flying at 4,000 feet we must have looked pretty small !.

29th May 2019 Pairs Match

Railway Lake, Barford Lakes

Trophies Sponsored by Ted and Gerry

Gnome Sponsored by Ted and Gerry


1st Mick Booth 33lbs 12ozs

2nd Ted Ward 21lbs 4ozs

3rd Vic George 18lbs 12ozs


1st Vic George & Kevin Nicholson 37lbs 6ozs

2nd Mick Booth & Tim Rogers 36lbs 9ozs

3rd Ted Ward & Mark Howard 26lbs 15ozs

Gnome winner was Rick Pearman with 1lb 13ozs

14 fished

Well the weather gods that have been shining on us so far got their revenge here,foggy drive to the venue,cold breeze when we got there,bit of sunshine then the heavens opened with a vengeance,on top of that the lake fished the hardest I've known it but congratulations to the members who did manage to winkle out a few fish and in particular to Vic George for defending the pairs trophy he won last year.Onwards and upwards to Narborough for the next match

12th June 2019

Eastern Championship - Ashford Lake -Narborough

Trophies sponsored by John Green

1st Rob Bunting 70lbs 2ozs

2nd Matt Skelhon 65lbs 13ozs

3rd Gerry Moore 62lbs 12ozs

Gnome winner with a creditable 14lbs 9ozs was Ricky Bramham

12 fished

Several members were on holiday, Rod Crossley is in hospital and some were put off by the inclement weather forecast, it turned out to be not quite as bad as we were led to believe, odd showers of light rain until of course the weigh in when it got a bit heavy,  all in all we had a good day with some very good back up weights, the fishery allowed our short walkers to drive to their pegs and the rest of us dropped our gear at the peg and then parked up, many thanks to the fishery staff for placing the nets behind the pegs and doing the weigh in. 

Due to the weather the winners photo got washed out so Rob proudly gave his winners trophy to granddaughter Rosie

Tom forgot to mention in his write up how Rob fished fantastically and his victory was a great sporting achievement, likened to England winning the world cup.

Tom didn't forget !!,Rob now has to do it again on the extra match that has been put in the programme for August 14th !!!

26th June 2019

Team Match Reel People v North Bucks S.O.D.A

Honeysuckle Lake, Lawn Farm Fishery

Trophies sponsored by Norman and Tony

Gnome sponsored by Anonymous

Team Winners were Reel People with an average weight of 17 lbs

Reel People

Individual 1st Norman Reeve 34lbs 7ozs

Individual 2nd Dennis Sambridge 31lbs 8ozs

Individual 3rd Mark Howard 29lbs 7ozs

North Bucks S.O.D.A

Individual 1st Alan Mason 24lbs 12ozs

Individual 2nd Chris Drewet 14lbs 8ozs

Individual 3rd John Dunphy 12lbs 8ozs

Gnome winner was Rick Pearman with 8lbs 13ozs

23 fished

It was good to welcome our friends from Milton Keynes again but unfortunately the lake didn't fish as well as it could,cold rain going in over the previous few days didn't help perhaps but at least we kept dry on the day,many thamks to John and Roz for their raffle prizes,weighing in and the special concession Reel People get in being allowed to drive to the pegs.

10th July 2019

Summer Cup - Lake 5 -Manderson Trust

Trophies sponsored by Roy's Boy's

Gnome sponsored by Rick Pearman

1st Vic George 36lb 8ozs

2nd Paul Williams 7lb 8ozs

3rd Rob Bunting 5lb 8ozs

Guest Winner Tim Grove 11lb 8ozs

Gnome winner Ricky Bramham 3ozs

13 fished

A beautifully sunny, warm day made the fishing a little hard, the Carp were cruising everywhere on lake 5 but most weren't playing ball. Vic landed 4 carp, Rob lost 3 carp, although he did have a 4lb 2oz bream to equal the seasons best, a few other anglers lost fish too.  Paul Williams, returning to fish with the club after a few years absence was absolutely ecstatic to finish in second place and with it winning his first ever trophy, well done Paul. 

The day was made extra special by our wonderful hosts, the Manderson Trust, we received a superb greeting in the morning along with tea and bacon sandwich's, cold drinks to the peg in the afternoon, weighing in and a bbq after the match, thank you for a great day! 

17th July 2019

Committee Cup - 

Emily's Lake, Frasers Fishery

Reel People Committee

1st Tina Bunting 22lb 10ozs

2nd Vic George 10lb 4ozs

3rd Tom Mitchell 9lb 0ozs

4th Rick Pearman 8lb 4ozs

Rob Bunting and Dave Crowson didn't fish

Guest Winner Barry Maile 55lb 6ozs

10 fished

The Inaugural Committee Cup match was won by Tina Bunting with 22lb 10ozs of carp and silvers, absolutely battering Tom and the others, assisted by fantastic coaching by Rob. Guest winner was Barry Maile with 55lb 6ozs which included a lovely 5lb 6oz Barbel. Mark Howard caught his personal best Chub 2lb 6ozs.

Rob has wished for some time to hold a match for committee members and a guest of their choice as a thank you for the work they put in over the year. It was a great success and something that will hopefully continue. 

24th July 2019

Celebration of  Angling

Jay Lake, Rookery Waters, Pidley 

Reel People

1st Norman Gilbert 78lb 14ozs

2nd Mick Booth 62lb 2ozs

3rd Vic George 30lb 8ozs

Guest Winner Michael Hornigold 

38lb 0ozs

Biggest Fish - Vic Jackson 

8lb 8oz Common Carp

Gnome winner - Roger Baines 

11lb 0ozs

26 fished

The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Angling event was a huge success.

26 anglers and numerous guests and past members attended the day, some reminiscing old times, some looking forward to the future but above all there was a buzz of jovial banter and smiling faces. The fishing was a bit hard due to the very hot weather, in excess of 30 degrees. Winner  and Champion of Champions was Norman Gilbert, second Mick Booth and Third Vic George. Guest winner was Michael Hornigold, Biggest Fish Vic Jackson and Gnome Roger Baines, everyone taking part received a commemorative salver. Thanks to James for weighing in. The meal after went down well, some members enjoying seconds. the raffle was very well supported, thanks to everyone who donated prizes and thanks to Chrissie and Lizzie for doing the raffle. Thanks to our sponsors, the BDAA, Lynn Shellfish and John Green without whom the event would have been drastically scaled down. Thanks to Ray for taking photo's which will be posted here as soon as they are done.

7th August 2019

Camb's Match

Honeysuckle Lake, Lawn Farm Fishery

Trophies sponsored by Vic George

Gnome sponsored by Maurice Barber

1st Tim Rogers 56lbs 11ozs

2nd Brian Ogden 49lbs 0ozs

3rd Dick Cocksedge 36lbs 13ozs

Gnome Winner Gerry Moore 8lbs 8ozs

 11 Fished

A lovely day weather wise with plenty of fish to be seen but difficult to catch (for some of us ! ),nice to see Brian,Biggles Ogden back with us and good to see he's lost none of his ability,disappointing turn out when there were 18 booked in on Monday and only three people let us know they were not coming,surely a phone call to Rob,Tom or Vic isn't too much trouble.

Thanks to Lawn Farm for their help in allowing us to drive to the pegs,weighing in and donating prizes for the raffle once again. 

Remember that the extra match at Narborough is next week

14th August 2019

Extra Match

Ashford Lake, Narborough

1st Tim Rogers 170lbs 12ozs

2nd Tom Mitchell 118lbs 6ozs

3rd Mick Booth 91lbs 15ozs

Gnome Winner Ricky Bramham 6lbs 5ozs

11 Fished

21st August 2019

Breckland Match - Reed Lake -Hinderclay

Trophies and Gnome sponsored by Gerry Moore

1st Colin Marsh 24lb 9oz's

2nd Paul Appleby 14lb 6oz's

3rd Dick Cocksedge 8lb 7.5oz's

Gnome winner Mick Booth 14oz's

14 fished

A late change of lake from William to Reed did not do a lot for the fishing with lots of small fish being hooked and lost,such a shame as this is a lovely,peaceful venue where Stuart and his team can't do enough for us,usual cracking bacon and egg rolls with free tea and coffee,helping some of us getting the gear to the pegs and weighing in,all finished off with free tea and biscuits.

4th September 2019

Memorial Cup

Raven Lake, Rookery Waters, Pidley

Gnome sponsored by Liz Bartlett

1st Tim Rogers 108lbs 14ozs

2nd Norman Gilbert 92lbs 11ozs

3rd Dennis Sambridge 71lbs 7ozs

Gnome Winner Rick Pearman 10lbs 3ozs

14 Fished

Congratulations to Tim for topping the 100lbs mark once again,how nice it was to see Sam again after he and his good lady made the journey from Felixtowe,the wind made presentation a bit difficult but most members had some fish ( even I caught a few ! ) and the facility to park behind the peg makes this a good venue for us,thanks once again to James for weighing in,onwards and upwards to the new lake at Floatfish Farm,Brian,Jerry and myself fished it last week and if our results were anything to go by it should be a good match,weather permitting !.

18th September 2019

Ashes Match

Phoenix Lake, Float Fish Farm

Trophies Sponsored by Tim and Petrine Rogers

Gnome sponsored by Mark Howard

1st Colin Marsh 104lbs 0ozs

2nd Tim Rogers 89lbs 0ozs

3rd Vic George 62lbs 6ozs

Gnome Winner Terry Jeffries 31lbs 2ozs

 20 Fished

Well it's fair to say that fishing Reel People matches can be a bit exiting,I don't know what it is about Dave Crowson and Float Fish Farm but the last match there I had to rescue his watch after he threw it in,this time it was he himself I had to rescue when he did a belly flop into the lake after his wheelchair decided to go into drive ( I accidently dropped a keep net on the controls,oops ).Thanks to Norman Reeve and Ken Wade for eventually helping me in getting him on to the bank and back in his wheelchair,I make light of it now but it could have been a lot more serious of course and it's good to know that Dave is OK,please be careful on the bank.The fishing was good and the day was warm,what more can we want. 

2nd October 2019

Autumn Challenge Match

Blissful Fishery, Lord's Lane

Trophies Sponsored by Ken and Brian

Gnome sponsored by The Appleby's

1st Dennis Sambridge 94lbs 9ozs

2nd Vic George 43lbs 15ozs

3rd Mick Booth 39lbs 11ozs

Gnome Winner Tony Brown 13lbs 6ozs

19 Fished

Well that's another season over,time flies when your having fun,nice to see a good turn out on this pleasant water and no one fell in for a change,although Dave did get a special Reel People Belly Flop Champion for the last match at Float Fish,everyone caught and we were allowed special dispensation by Florence and Dina to park behind the pegs,many thanks for that,doing the weigh in and the cups of tea and coffee offered during the match.Well done Mick for clinching the points trophy by a very slender margin.